Artist FAQ

How can I participate in the festival?

Fairhope Arts & Crafts uses ZAPP for the application process. The application process for the 2024 Festival is completed.

It will be possible to apply for the 2025 festival via ZAPP in July, 2024. You can find a link for the application on our home page and on the Artist Information page. See also our Artist Application page for more information.

What time is registration?

Registration will be from 3:30pm to 5.30pm on Thursday March 14, 2024. The registration tent will be located outside the Fairhope Welcome Center on Section Street in downtown Fairhope.

You will have to register in person. You will have to park your vehicle in a legal spot and then walk to the Welcome Center in Section Street. Be aware that if you are parked within the festival boundaries, you have to move your car at 5:00pm to avoid being towed while being in line for registration.

What do I need to register?

To register, you will need to bring your completed Artist Registration Form, driver’s license and business license with you.

Only accepted artists may register. NO SUBSTITUTES OR SPOUSES

At registration your will receive your artist packet which includes:

  • Booth ID Card (Please keep inside plastic folder and place at front right-hand corner of booth)
  • Parking Decal/Parking Guidelines (Must be visible on your dashboard during festival hours)
  • Name Tag and Dinner Ticket (Inside name tag)
  • Tax Forms

What time can I set up?

You can setup on Thursday after the festival streets are COMPLETELY CLEARED of all vehicles. The streets will close at 5 pm and the police will open them when the streets are clear for artists to come in and set up - probably close to 6:00 pm.

Once you have registered, find where your booth is on the map and get in line on the street closest to your booth to pull in once the street is opened at 6 pm. You MUST have your parking decal (provided in your artist packet) on your dashboard to be allowed past the barricades.

You cannot park anywhere within the festival prior to set up on Thursday and you cannot begin unloading or setting up until the Fairhope Police Department gives the all clear. If you try to come in early, you will be asked to leave and this will put you at the end of the line.

Once you have set up your booth, you will need to remove your vehicle and trailer outside the barricades and park them in a legal parking spot.

During the Festival vehicles are not allowed within the barricades and a cart needs to be used if you need to restock.

What is my booth number?

The pre-assigned booth numbers will be sent to the artists prior to the festival by the committee. Please bring your forms that were emailed with you to registration along with your ID.

I'm coming in after registration is over, what do I do?

No problem, you have received both your booth number and a copy of the festival map in emails from the committee. Please come to the Fairhope Welcome Center on Friday morning during breakfast hours (7am-9am) and you can register and receive your artist packet.

Make sure you pick up your packet before judging starts at 9 AM on Friday because the booth card must be clearly visible on your booth at time of judging.

RV Parking

This is on a first come, first served basis. There is parking on Summit Street which is located behind the old Fairhope K-1 Center for artists and food vendors. Space is very limited, and you must have your parking decal on display and include your name and phone number. There are several RV parks or hotels in the area if you need additional places to park and stay.

Can I set up in the morning?

We encourage artists to arrive and setup on Thursday. We understand that it may be necessary to setup on Friday. Please send an email to if you will need to set up on Friday. All Friday move ins will have to be by cart as no vehicles are allowed on the streets on Friday.

Be sure to go by the Fairhope Welcome Center during breakfast hours to register and pick up your artist packet.

Please be aware that your booth must be ready Friday morning by 9 a.m. for judges review.

Who can I contact if I have questions during the festival?

The Artist Hospitality volunteers are available to help you during the festival. If you have a question or request, you can call or text the Festival phone number (251) 229-1874.

Your question or request will be relayed to an Artist Hospitality volunteer.

You may receive a call or text reply from a number other than the festival phone. Be sure to check the text messages from unknown contacts.

Is this a juried show?

Yes, this is a juried show, so all of our art is of a superior quality in 11 categories: Fibers/Leather, Functional Crafts, Glass, Graphics, Jewelry, Mixed Media, Painting, Photography, Pottery/Ceramics, Sculpture and Wood. Judges will give an Award of Distinction in each of these categories. A Best in Show, a Foundation Award, and a Chairman’s Award will also be selected, not based upon category. Seven additional Merit Awards will also be selected, not based upon category.

What is the judging process?

Three judges will come by during the day to evaluate your booth. Each judge will place a check mark on the booth placard so you will know they have visited in case you are busy or away. Make sure your booth card is clearly visible.

Judges have only about five and a half hours to view all 200 booths, and they want to be fair to every artist. If you are not set up by 9 am and/or your placard is not clearly visible, we cannot guarantee that all the judges will have time to come back to look at your booth, but they will make every effort to do so.

Award winners will be notified if they have won an award, and an official announcement of all winners will be made at the Awards Dinner.

When is the Awards Dinner?

The Award's Dinner is Friday night immediately following the close of the Festival at the Fairhope Civic Center located at 161 N. Section Street. Dinner is served at 5:30 pm. Each artist receives one ticket and additional tickets can be purchased in advance for $20.00. Call the Festival phone number (251) 229-1874 for additional tickets.