Student Art Contest

2011 Jimmy Buffet mural art contest winner
2011 Student Mural Art Contest - Theme: JImmy Buffett - 1st Place winner Fairhope High School. The mural was inspired by a photograph of Jimmy Buffett from the ONE LOVE, ONE OCEAN concert on the beaches of Gulf Shores. This free concert brought hope and awareness to the coast after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill in April 2010.

The Fairhope Arts and Crafts Festival Student Mural Contest has been part of the festival since 2007 and the enthusiasm for the contest has grown since its inception. Student artists from Eastern Shore middle and high schools participate in the mural contest by working with other students at their school to create an original work of art inspired by the Festival theme of the year. The 2024 theme is: Fairhope In Bloom Honoring Jimmy Buffett in memory of local favorite Jimmy Buffet.

The student murals are displayed at the Artist’s Dinner on Friday night where the festival vendors have the opportunity to vote for their favorite student murals. The names of the winning school murals are announced at the conclusion of the Artist’s Dinner. On Saturday morning the beautiful student murals are relocated to the front windows of various downtown merchants so they can be enjoyed by the thousands of festival attendees.

All participating schools receive a small monetary donation, and the three winning schools receive a larger monetary prize.

The award money is donated by Segers Aero Corp. and helps fund the schools' art programs. Keith Parden of Fairhope's Ace Jubilee Hardware store generously donates the materials for the mural boards. Fairhope Middle School art teacher Shawn Johnson offers his time to build the mural boards.

2024 Daphne Middle School small
2024 First Place - Daphne Middle School

2024 Winners:

First Place - Daphne Middle School

Second Place - Fairhope High School

Third Place - St. Michael Catholic School

Honorable Mentions: Daphne High School and Spanish Fort High School

2024 Student Mural display

The art murals will be displayed at Fairhope Chocolate (403 Fairhope Avenue) starting March 21, 2024 until the next festival.

2024 Student Art

Bayshore Christian School

"Flowers of Fairhope Honoring Jimmy Buffett"

Artists: Eighth Grade Art Classes
Teacher: Susan Dorsey, Upper School Art Teacher

The warmth of spring brings to mind our sweet town filled with flowers and the annual Arts and Crafts Festival. Our hearts are heavy with the passing of Jimmy Buffett. His songs bring to mind time spent by the
water, flip flops and relaxing with friends. A recreation of his airplane flies over the flowers. In the middle of the fence, a student painted a cheeseburger for the son of a son of a sailor. Jimmy Buffett, you will be missed.

Bayside Academy

"Sailing into Cheeseburger Paradise"

To represent this year's theme of "Fairhope in Bloom: Honoring Jimmy Buffet", the Bayside Academy Art Guild Guild co-presidents imagined a vibrant beach scene peppered with references to Jimmy Buffett's iconic lyrics.

With a blown-out flip-flow, a lost shaker of salt, and a sea-weathered signpost pointing the way to Margaritaville, our board pas homage to the incredible life and career of Jimmy Buffett, as he sails of into eternal summer.

After blocking out the composition, we used acrylic paint to render the scene, limiting ourselves to a palette of saturated, high-contract colors. We employed elements of collage to add texture and dimension, and applied gold foil to highlight the glowing cheeseburger sunset. Finally, we covered the beach in lyrics from "Cheeseburger in Paradise" and wrote the lyrics from "Bubbles Up", Jimmy Buffett's last recorded song, across the sky. We hope our project appeals to Parrotheads and non-fans alike, and all feel the joy that bubbles up.

Daphne High School - Honorable Mention

"Jimmy Buffett in Paradise"

Artists: Molly Allen, Olivia Powe, Amya McCollough, and Reese Dube
Teacher: Carrie Pigage
Student Teacher: Kenzie Acton

Art Students created this painting to demonstrate the strong but laid-back feeling that connects Jimmy Buffett to Fairhope. The famous singer-songwriter and entrepreneur has deep appreciation for our coastal town and has been for many years. Jimmy Buffett included mentions of Fairhope in his music.

In this painting, the students used cool colors that contrasted the warmness that they felt portrayed Jimmy Buffett when he spent his days hanging out in Fairhope on his boat.

Jimmy Buffett will always be linked to Fairhope because of the support he had for the local economy and community. Many businesses in town, including restaurants, and shops have become popular destinations for tourists because of the influence he brought to this area. He loved to just show up and perform for the locals. Jimmy Buffett loved Fairhope and Fairhope is proud to have had such a legendary figure be part of its vibrant and unique culture.

Daphne Middle School - 1st Place

"Fairhope in Bloom Honoring Jimmy Buffet"

Artists: Martina Venegas, Linda Rodriguez, Brayln Elliot, Ashlyn Lynch
Teacher: Mrs. Sherry Bittinger

We started by creating a word bubble listing many descriptive words for Jimmy Buffett. Those words turned into rough drafts, and we refined those into the final. A lot was learned by our group during this creative journey! Our goal was to have a variety of references as the viewer moved their eyes through the painting. We wanted the mural to be a bright, colorful, and whimsical tribute to the late Jimmy Buffett!

Fairhope High School - 2nd Place

2024 Fairhope High Mural

"Fairhope In Bloom Honoring Jimmy Buffett"

Artists, Grades 10 – 12: Mason Allen, Marlee Calhoun, Bridget Capella, Claudia Catar, Yamil Cintron-Cruz, Kinsley Frego, Olivia Gates, Myiah Goines, Bryan Hallford, CB Huckleberry, Aidan Pipkin, Christy Torres, Piercy Tran
Teacher: Mrs. Sarah Bell

Jimmy Buffett’s laid-back approach to life is iconic among his multitude of fans. Parrotheads all over the world filled stadiums and arenas to escape the tediousness of life and embrace his carefree spirit.

The students at Fairhope High School designed this work of art to emulate that same carefree spirit that endeared him to so many fans. Students chose tropical flowers to represent his laid-back, island lifestyle. The bright colors they selected for this piece reflect his vivid personality. Students felt this specific image of Jimmy playing his guitar with his charismatic smile would capture his persona and resonate with Parrotheads all over.

A group of students collaborated on this mural, drawing on each other’s talents. Certain students worked on blocking in colors, others painted flowers, and some concentrated on Jimmy Buffett himself. It is not an easy thing for so many individuals to work together to create such a beautiful piece and capture such an icon. It takes patience, kindness, constructive criticism, and a teachable heart. The result of this collaborative effort captures the essence of Jimmy Buffett and his musical style.

Fairhope Middle School

2024 Fairhope Middle School

"Jimmy Buffett"

Artists: Elyana Scardamalia, Olivia Fonseca, Scarlet Dosher, Koli Arant
Teacher: Shawn Johnson

This painting was inspired mostly by the theme from this year which was Flowers and Jimmy Buffett. The students portrayed Jimmy as he performs surrounded by flowers that symbolize the free natural feeling of the island

Spanish Fort High School - Honorable Mention

2024 Spanish Fort High School

“Jimmy Buffett’s Fairhope in Bloom”

Artists: Rob McFadden, Alex Longoria, Thorn Haley, Piers Smith, and Peyton Brown
Teacher: April Jones

Fairhope, Alabama is indeed a charming town known for its beautiful flowers, particularly during the springtime when the state flower, the Camellia and other blossoms paint the landscape. Picture strolling along the shores of Mobile Bay, where the sun begins its descent, casting a golden glow over the tranquil waters.

Nearby, at a waterfront venue reminiscent of Jimmy Buffett's laid-back island vibes, you might hear the strumming of a guitar and the sound of someone singing a familiar tune. Pelicans glide gracefully overhead, while cattails sway gently by the water's edge, adding to the picturesque setting. It's a scene that captures the essence of Fairhope's unique blend of nature, art, and music.

Whether you're enjoying the festivities of the Arts and Crafts Festival or simply taking in the natural beauty of the area, Fairhope offers a serene setting that feels like a slice of paradise—a perfect backdrop for a bit of Margaritaville inspired relaxation.

St. Michael Catholic High School - 3rd Place

2024 St Michael

"Greetings from Jimmy Buffett"

Artists: Katy Ford, Caitlyn Farrar, Molly Hehon, Jackie, Holyfield, and Phoebe Cisneros
Teacher: Ms. Skoti Newsum

Inspiration: Postcard
Description: Postcard of Jimmy Buffet at the beach